Fortnite Reveals New Crew Legacy Set for 2023

Fortnite has officially revealed the new Crew-exclusive Legacy set for 2023.

Starting with the release of the v25.11 earlier today, players who subscribe to the Fortnite Crew will begin their journey to progressively unlock the full Winter's Trickster set across five stages. Players who wish to own the full set must be a Crew subscriber for five months:

Month 1

  • Winter's Trickster Banner Icon
  • Trickster's Unite! Emoticon
  • Trickster's Charge Spray
The Winter’s Trickster Banner Icon, Tricksters Unite! Emoticon, and Trickster’s Charge Spray

Month 2

  • The Underfox Music Pack
  • Outfoxed Wrap

Month 3

  • Blizzard's Bite Pickaxe

Month 4

  • Skulk Pack Back Bling

Month 5

  • Volpez Outfit
The Underfox Music Pack, Outfoxed Wrap, Blizzard’s Bite Pickaxe, Skulk Pack Back Bling, and Volpez Outfit

Like the previous Crew Legacy sets, the 2023 edition does not require players to subscribe for five months in a row. The first month of subscription needs to be before October 31, 2023, after that there's currently no limit on how long the set will remain available for. The offer will be terminated in the future, but this won't happen until 2024 at the earliest. We will warn you via Twitter before the set expires.

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