Fortnite x LEGO Coming November 6, Leakers Say

Data miners have added to the original Fortnite x LEGO leak from February, claiming the crossover will arrive in November this year.

When details of the collaboration were first leaked four months ago, the new content appeared to be for the Unreal Editor instead of Battle Royale. Epic was reportedly working on LEGO bricks to use in Creative mode, including a full 'Brick Database'.

In May, leakers discovered an upcoming event, codenamed 'Rufus', which included two sets of Quests and a special Battle Bus design in the files. At first, this was thought to be for the upcoming Doctor Who crossover, but data miner NotJulesDev has revealed that it's actually for LEGO's collaboration with Fortnite. This new information confirms that Fortnite x LEGO will introduce content to both UEFN and Battle Royale, as special Buses only appear in regular matches. According to the data miner, the 'Rufus' content is set to go live in-game on November 6th, so we should see the collaboration launch during Chapter 4 Season 4.

As is the case with all leaks, this information could change before Fortnite x LEGO officially arrives. We'll keep you updated.

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