Fortnite x Doctor Who Leaked: New Cosmetics, Weapons, Free Rewards Coming Soon

Fortnite is preparing for a brand new crossover with Doctor Who, according to information revealed by leaker iFireMonkey. The upcoming event, which is expected to take place in November for the show's 60th anniversary, will be similar to the recent 'Most Wanted' update, bringing free cosmetics and new items to the game.

The Fortnite 'Most Wanted' event

The crossover will include a special tab in-game, titled 'U.N.I.T Code Red!', where players can complete Quests to "detect Residual Energy and gather Intel to unlock various limited-time rewards". A leaked image of the upcoming tab (seen below) reveals that players must collect all Intel to unlock the Star Cruiser Glider. The image also gives us our first look at some of the free Doctor Who-themed cosmetics, including a TARDIS Emoticon, U.N.I.T Banner Icon and Sonic Screwdriver Emote.

Image credit: iFireMonkey

According to the leaker, who received this information from an inside source at Epic Games, the Doctor Who event will also feature the release of cosmetics in the Item Shop. Two Outfits based on the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Doctors will be included in the Item Shop set, along with a TARDIS Glider, Psychic Paper Emote, Sonic Staff Pickaxe and Dalek Manipulator Arm Pickaxe. A Bundle containing all of the new items will be released at the same time, allowing players to collect the set for a discounted price. In addition to the in-game cosmetics, iFireMonkey has also revealed that exclusive Fortnite x Doctor Who merchandise will be available around the event's launch.

The 14th (left) and 15th Doctors

Fortnite's crossover with Doctor Who won't stop at cosmetics - the leaker has also shared details of new weapons coming to the game for the event. A 'U.N.I.T Advanced Rifle' and 'Wrarth Warrior Cannon' will be introduced to the loot pool during the event, and will have the ability to "track" enemies and use a "hold to hurt" system.

The U.N.I.T. Advanced Rifle (Image credit: iFireMonkey)

It's important to remember that these details have not been confirmed by official sources, but iFireMonkey is known to be accurate with leaked information. As always, we'll keep you updated with any further information as it becomes available.

Source: iFireMonkey

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