Fortnite Reveals new Outfits inspired by Concept Royale winners

Fortnite has officially revealed two new Outfits that will be coming to the Item Shop on December 23, inspired by the winners of this year's Concept Royale contest.

The winners of the Concept Royale contest were originally revealed during August of this year, giving the artists at Epic just four months to turn the designs into real Outfits.

Concept artist Ladiale (@lbdart_) created the 'Nalia' character, with Alta (@AltaCalls) designing 'Frigid Forgoer'. Both Outfits are winter-themed and are expected to be exclusively available during Winterfest Item Shops, however, this has not been confirmed.

You can read Fortnite's official blog post, where both concept creators were interviewed, by clicking here.

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