Leak: Fortnite to add Clips System soon

Fortnite data-miner InTheShade has discovered elements of a Clips System in the game's files.

According to the leaker, the new system is named "Clippy" and currently has some basic functions. Although unfinished, the system can already start recording, stop recording, create a clip and upload one.

Recently, InTheShade also discovered a new tab for the redesigned Chapter 3 social menu called 'Tags'. It's currently unclear what the new tab will be used for, however, it's possible it could be related to the clips system by showing players clips they're tagged in.

Image via @InTheShadeYT

There's currently no other information about the clips feature, however, it's possible that Epic could add more to the files in the next patch. We'll keep you updated.

In other news, a scrapped DaBaby Emote has been found in the files. Click here to read.

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