Fortnite Servers hit by Major Outage, Millions unable to Login

Update: The Fortnite servers have now returned to a fully operational state.

The Epic Games servers have suffered a major outage for the second time this week, leaving Fortnite unusable.

Fortnite's current issues from Epic Games Public Status

The outage happened at around 19:45 (UTC), leaving millions of players around the world unable to log in to Fortnite or, for those on PC, unable to open the game. According to the Epic Games Public Status site, Fortnite's game services, login, parties, friends, messaging, voice chat, matchmaking, stats, leaderboards, Item Shop and Crew are all suffering from the outage, which has been flagged as "major". Fortnite's website is the only element of the game that remains operational.

The server outage comes just two days after Epic took the entire Fortnite server offline for eleven hours "due to an issue" right before the v22.10 update. As of now, Fortnite players are still unable to access the game. We'll keep you updated over on our Twitter page once the login process returns to an operational status.

In other news, the Shifty Shafts location has been removed from the map. Click here to read more.

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