Fortnite v20.20: What to Expect

The second major update of Chapter 3, Season 2 has been announced for April 19th. Here's everything that's expected to happen in v20.20.

Marvel's Prowler Arrives

With only three days remaining until Marvel's Prowler becomes available to owners of the current Battle Pass, a new set of Quests are expected to be added to the game. More Marvel cosmetics are also expected to be introduced in the weeks following Prowler's release.

Condo Canyon Changes

Following Fortnite's Season 2 story, the Imagined Order is expected to lose the battle for Condo Canyon against The Seven. This will result in changes to the POI, including the introduction of Seven-themed Titan Tanks at the location.

Major Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been confirmed to be fixed in v20.20.

Battle Royale

  • Can't slide after sprinting if the 'Toggle Sprint' option is off
  • Match end UI occasionally missing from the screen
  • Leaving a Boat whilst boosting on land may cause controllers to vibrate


  • Creative Accolades are broken

Save the World

  • Placing a BluGlo Siphon may cause crashes when using Performance Mode
  • Sleuth's commander perk description is no longer accurate

As always, we'll be sharing the official patch notes once they go live following the update.

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