Fortnite v21.00 Hotfix - Grapple Glove

Fortnite has released the latest hotfix for v21.00, introducing the new Grapple Glove item to Battle Royale, Zero Build and competitive playlists.

Grapple Glove

Pick up a Grapple Glove and use it to swing through the air! To begin swinging, shoot its grappling hook at a hard surface like a cliff, prop, or building. Each successive swing gets faster until the third swing and beyond, when you’ll be at max speed.

If you miss a shot and land on the ground, you’ll have a brief window of time to shoot the grappling hook and come back swinging. You'll have an even longer window if you slide out of a swing, so don't be afraid to combo some slides into your swinging action! But don’t worry if the window of time runs out: after a brief cooldown, the Grapple Glove will ready itself back up.

When the Grapple Glove’s ready again, that’s your cue to get back in the air. Or perhaps to get something out of reach… You can also shoot its grappling hook to pull items towards you! Keep shooting the grappling hook until your Grapple Glove’s out of charges. Grapple Gloves can be found in Grapple Glove Toolboxes, located at the pink Grapple Stops throughout the Island.

Balance Changes

In case you missed it, Epic also deployed a small hotfix last week to adjust a number of weapons:

Two-Shot Shotgun

  • Increased the pellet damage, minimum pellet count, accuracy, and max damage cap of the Two-Shot Shotgun

Hammer Assault Rifle

  • Reduced the recoil of the Hammer Assault Rifle

Combat SMG

  • Reduced the damage of the Combat SMG

Striker Burst Rifle

  • Increased the first-bullet recoil of the Striker Burst Rifle
  • Reduced the damage of the Striker Burst Rifle

Competitive Notes

  • The Grapple Glove has reduced charges in competitive playlists and is immediately available

Stay tuned for major changes coming in the v21.10 update, which is expected to be released on June 21st, 2022.

In other news, the Rogue Alias Starter Pack is available now. (click to read)

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