Fortnite v21.10 Hotfix - Firework Flare Gun and Ripsaw Launcher Week

Fortnite has released the latest hotfix for v21.10, introducing the new Firework Flare Gun weapon to Battle Royale, Zero Build and Creative mode.

Firework Flare Gun

With the Firework Flare Gun, you won’t be shooting a standard flare. Instead, every shot you take will be a fireworks show. The area where the firework shell explodes will be set aflame, causing the start of a spreading blaze.

Find Firework Flare Guns from the ground, Chests, and Supply Drops.

Ripsaw Launcher Week

To celebrate the recent arrival of the Ripsaw Launcher, Ripsaw Launcher Week is live now! Find Ripsaw Launchers in higher supply from June 28 at 9 AM ET to July 5, 2022, at 8:59 AM ET. In addition to their usual Chop Shop spot, you can now get them from the ground, Chests, and Supply Drops in abundance.

Competitive Notes

  • The Ripsaw Launcher Week changes do not apply to competitive playlists, as the Ripsaw Launcher is not included in these playlists
  • Firework Flare Guns are not included in competitive playlists

In other news, the upcoming July 2022 Crew Pack has been leaked in-game. Click here to read more.

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