July 2022 Crew Pack Leaked in-game

Fortnite has decrypted files containing the upcoming July Crew Pack cosmetics, giving us an early look at the unreleased items in-game.

The new Phaedra Outfit includes a number of edit styles:

  • Default
  • Shrouded
  • Fishnets
  • No Fishnets

Both Fishnet options can be used at the same time as either the Shrouded or Default styles.

Phaedra (Default) with no Fishnets
Phaedra (Shrouded) with no Fishnets
Phaedra (Default) with Fishnets
Phaedra (Shrouded) with Fishnets

July's Crew Pack includes:

  • Phaedra Outfit
  • Ceph Back Bling
  • Stygian Parasol Pickaxe
  • Gothic Shadesoarer Glider
  • Inky Reflection Loading Screen
  • Fortnite Save the World access
  • 1,000 V-Bucks
  • Chapter 3, Season 3 Battle Pass

The new Set will become available on July 1st at 00:00 UTC, when the current Crew Pack leaves. To read all the details on the new Crew Pack, click here.

In other news, the Bushy Bulb Back Bling has been temporarily disabled. Click here to read more.

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