Fortnite v23.30 Map Changes - Rift Gate Complete, New Battle Bus and more

The third major update of Chapter 4 has arrived and with it a number of changed to the Fortnite Island have been discovered.

The following map changes and images have kindly been provided by FNAssist - check them out!

Rift Gate Complete

Construction of the Rift Gate is now complete. The Oathbound Quests will see the activation of the device later this week.

Image: FN_Assist

AMIE Robot

Following on from the previous Oathbound Quests, AI 'AMIE' has successfully built herself a physical robot form. It will be used to open the Rift Gate in an attempt to save The Seven.

Image: FN_Assist

Dragon Ball Battle Bus

As part of the ongoing Dragon Ball collaboration, the Battle Bus has been updated to feature a bright orange balloon with a purple and green bus.

Image: FN_Assist

Unbreakable Bamboo

Mysterious unbreakable bamboo has appeared north east of The Citadel POI. Its location is close to the Rift Gate, so this could mean the new construction is already effecting the Island.

Image: FN_Assist

Rebel NPC

The new Rebel NPC can now be found at the 'Hall of Whispers' landmark. The character can be hired for 100 Gold and also sells the Falcon Scout Drone for 250.

Image: FN_Assist

More map changes are expected to arrive with the v23.40 update on February 14th. We'll keep you updated.

Be sure to check out FNAssist, who kindly provided all the map changes seen above.

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