Geralt of Rivia Quests Available Now

Following the v23.30 hotfix earlier today, Fortnite has released the new Geralt of Rivia Quests, which will reward players with the character and matching set once completed.

Geralt of Rivia Quests

Players who complete all of the Page 1 Quests will unlock the Geralt of Rivia Outfit. The Page 1 Quests can be completed in any order.

Page 1

  • Activate Reality Augments in 5 different matches
    Unlocks the Geralt of Rivia Loading Screen
  • Complete 3 Bounties
    Unlocks the Muscle Memory Spray
  • Defeat a boss
    Unlocks the Weapons of the Witcher Back Bling
  • Emote in The Citadel Throne Room
    Unlocks the Igni Sign Emote
  • Deal 500 Melee weapon damage to opponents
    Unlocks the Witcher's Steel Sword Pickaxe

For completing all of the Quests on Page 1, players will unlock Page 2 once it becomes available in three weeks. Page 2 will contain a total of five cosmetic rewards, including an aleternate Style for the Geralt of Rivia Outfit.

The Quests will remain available until the end of Chapter 4 Season 1 on March 10, 2023.

In other news, Fortnite has retired part of the Discover page. Click here to read more.

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