Lava Legends Pack Removed from the Item Shop Early

Fortnite has removed the Lava Legends Pack from the Item Shop early due to an issue that causes the head of the Molten Battle Hound Outfit to display incorrectly.

The issue, which was discovered following the v23.20 update earlier today, causes Molten Battle Hound's head to rotate the wrong way and completely break. The Outfit itself hasn't been disabled, but the ability for players to purchase it has.

Image: iFireMonkey

Molten Battle Hound isn't the only Outfit to suffer from major visual bugs in v23.20. Sparkle Specialist, Burnout, Sgt. Green Clover, Tempest and more are all currently bugged.

Image: iFireMonkey

Epic says the issue "will be fixed in an upcoming update", but it isn't clear if this will be the v23.30 patch or a quick maintenance hotfix. We'll keep you updated.

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