Leak: Locker 'Archive' Feature coming to Fortnite

Data miners have shared details on Fortnite's upcoming 'Archive' feature, which will allow players to hide cosmetics from their locker.

The new feature, which was discovered in the files following this week's v21.20 update, is set to allow players to "archive" any cosmetic from their locker. Leaked text strings shared by data miner GMatrixGames reveal that "archived emotes will only appear on the locker emote wheel" and "archived items will remain equipped in the locker and presets". With the number of cosmetics in Fortnite growing weekly, archiving and the existing search feature will assist players in keeping their locker organised.

It's currently unknown when locker archiving will be introduced, but we'll keep you updated.

In other news, owners of the Season 3 Battle Pass can now unlock the Indiana Jones Set. Click here to read.

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