Leak: Marvel's Rogue & Gambit Coming to Fortnite Tonight

Fortnite has unexpectedly added in-game tags that indicate a 'Rogue & Gambit' Section will be available in the Item Shop tonight.

The newly-added section will feature two rows, suggesting both Rogue and Gambit characters will be available alongside a matching set of cosmetics each. It's currently unknown what each of the Sets will contain, however, it has been confirmed that a Pickaxe named 'Staff Strike' will also be available tonight.

Credit: Marvel

Interestingly, the new Marvel collaboration will be sold in the same Item Shop that currently features a number of DC items. We'll keep you updated on how many new cosmetics are released.

Featured image: sergetowers

In other news, a Mythic Blades weapon has been leaked. Click here to read more.

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