Leak: Primal Flame Bow and Dragon's Breath Shotgun to be unvaulted next week

New Quests that require players to use the Primal Flame Bow and Dragon's Breath Shotgun have been added to the game files. The weapons, which were both vaulted over one year ago, have the same stats as they did when they were first introduced.

Launching next week, the Fire Wild Week Quests are as follows:

  • Hit an opponent with a full drawn Primal Flame Bow (2)
  • Dead damage to opponents within 10 meters with the Dragon's Breath Shotgun (800)
  • Extinguish fires on structures with Slurp (100)
  • Eliminate opponents with any fire based weapon (10)
  • Throw firefly jars in a single match (5)

Check out the original Wild Week trailer below:

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