Leaked Item Shop - April 24, 2023

Fortnite has added tomorrow's Item Shop sections to the server, giving us a preview of what will be available. I Talk's Locker Bundle will replace the In Space set in the next rotation.

Here's a preview of the Item Shop for April 24, 2023:

I Talk's Locker

  • Power Chord Outfit
  • Pick It Up Emote
  • Shard Sickle Pickaxe
  • Tie-Dye Flyer Glider
  • Lotus Star Wrap
  • I Talk's Locker Bundle

  • Branded Brawler Outfit
  • Sgt. Sigil Outfit
  • Branded Brigadier Outfit
  • Marked Marauder Outfit
  • Banner Trooper Outfit
  • Lt. Logo Outfit
  • Signature Sniper Outfit
  • Symbol Stalwart Outfit
  • Banner Wave Emote
  • Banner Cape Back Bling
  • Banner Wrap
  • Emblematic Pickaxe
  • Custom Cruiser Glider
  • Banner Shield Back Bling
  • Banner's Boldest Bundle
  • Banner's Bravest Bundle
  • Banner Gear Bundle

Mikasa & Levi

  • Captain levi Outfit
  • Mikasa Ackerman outfit
  • Snap Blade Pickaxe
  • Regiment Cloak Back Bling
  • Titan Run Pack Bundle
  • Thunder Spear Flier Glider
  • Mikasa & Levi Bundle
  • Special Operations Gear Bundle

Raccoon City Survivors

  • Leon S. Kennedy Outfit
  • Claire Redfield Outfit
  • Leon's Combat Knife Pickaxe
  • Umbrella Parasol Pickaxe
  • Raccoon City Survivors Bundle

S.T.A.R.S. Team

  • Chris Redfield Outfit
  • Jill Valentine Outfit
  • HOT DOGGER Pickaxe
  • Stun Rod Pickaxe
  • Brolly Stroll Emote
  • S.T.A.R.S. Team Bundle
  • S.T.A.R.S. Team Gear Bundle


  • Desert Dawn Lyric Outfit
  • Sunset Alto Outfit
  • Wilder Outfit
  • Poet Outfit
  • Alto Outfit
  • Lyric Outfit
  • Neon Biter Pickaxe
  • Finfin Flair Wrap
  • Mainstage Wrap
  • Softest Electropalm Pickaxe
  • Festival Shredder Pickaxe
  • Cactical Crusher Pickaxe
  • Electropalm Staff Pickaxe
  • Crystalline Cactus Pickaxe
  • Desert Breeze Wrap
  • Ask Me Emote
  • Slide Stride Emote
  • Rocking at Coachella Bundle
  • Dancing at Coachella Bundle


  • The Kid LAROI Outfit
  • The Rogue LAROI Outfit
  • Heart of a King Emote
  • The Dance LAROI Emote
  • Stay Afloat Emote
  • Stay Music Pack
  • LAROI Free Style Wrap

Turn The Music Up

  • Copines Emote
  • Jug Band Emote
  • Headbanger Emote
  • Twist Emote
  • Switchstep Emote

Special Offers & Bundles

  • Cross Comms Pack
  • Ned the Eternal Pack
  • Anime Legends Pack
  • Marvel: Royalty & Warriors Pack
  • Corrupted Legends Pack

  • Unknown cosmetics [x8]

Daily Items

  • Unknown cosmetics [x6]

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