Leaked Item Shop - August 26, 2022

Fortnite has added tomorrow's Item Shop sections to the server, giving us a preview of what will be available. The Shadow Strike Pack will be available in the next rotation.

Here's a preview of the Item Shop for August 26, 2022:

  • Unknown cosmetic [x12]

Daily Items

  • Unknown cosmetic [x6]

Shadow Strike

  • Shadow Strike Pack Bundle
  • Nite Gunner Outfit
  • Mecha Team Shadow Outfit
  • Shadow Combo Cleavers Pickaxe
  • Shadow Archetype Outfit
  • Shadow Caliper Pickaxe

Patrick Mahomes

  • Patrick Mahomes Outfit
  • Mahomes Saucy Style Outfit
  • Showtime Emote
  • Endzone Elite Wrap
  • Patrick Mahomes Bundle

Rep Your Team

  • TD Titan Outfit
  • Trench Runner Outfit
  • Red Zone Renegade Outfit
  • Formation Fighter Outfit
  • Blitz Brigade Outfit
  • Snap Squad Outfit
  • Crossbar Crusher Outfit
  • Scrimmage Scrapper Outfit
  • Punt Paragon Outfit
  • Pass Rush Ranger Outfit
  • Spike It Emote
  • Upright Axe Pickaxe
  • Denied Emote
  • Touchdown Glider
  • Golden Pigskin Pickaxe
  • Logo-a-go-go Back Bling
  • Ultimate Rush Bundle
  • Extra Point Bundle
  • Gridiron Greats Bundle


  • Striped Soldier Outfit
  • Huddle Hero Outfit
  • Time-Out Outfit
  • End Zone Expert Outfit
  • Whistle Warrior OUtfit
  • Penalty Emote
  • Elite Linesman Outfit
  • Offense Overseer Outfit
  • First Downer Pickaxe
  • Offside Officer Outfit
  • Time Out Emote
  • It's Good! Emote
  • Fair Play Outfit
  • Replay Ranger Outfit
  • Renegade Ref Bundle
  • Penalty Patrol Bundle
  • First and Ten Bundle

Earn levels and unlock rewards!

Legends of the Light and Dark

  • Commander Zavala Outfit
  • Sparrow Glider
  • Crown-Splitter Pickaxe
  • Exo Stranger Outfit
  • The Lament Pickaxe
  • Investigate Emote
  • Black Talon Pickaxe
  • Ikora Rey Outfit
  • Legends of the Light and Dark Bundle
  • Legends of the Light and Dark Gear Bundle

Dragon Ball

  • Son Goku Outfit
  • Beerus Outfit
  • Bulma Outfit
  • Vegeta Outfit
  • Space Pod Glider
  • Fusion! Hah!! Emote
  • Kamesennin's Staff Pickaxe
  • Nimbus Cloud Glider
  • Vegeta & Bulma Bundle
  • Goku & Beerus Bundle
  • Dragon Ball Gear Bundle

In other news, 73 upcoming Outfits have been leaked in a new survey share by Epic Games. Click here to read more.

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