Leaked Item Shop - July 21, 2023

Fortnite has added tomorrow's Item Shop sections to the server, giving us a preview of what will be available. The new 'Heroes of Tamriel' set will replace the EpikWhale Locker Bundle in the next rotation.

Here's a preview of the Item Shop for July 21, 2023:

Heroes of Tamriel

  • Unknown cosmetics [x4]


  • KAWS Skeleton Outfit
  • KAWSPEELY Outfit
  • Far From Home Glider
  • Ripe on Time Wrap
  • KAWSPEELY Bundle

Ocean's Finest

  • Bryne Outfit
  • Axo Outfit
  • Axe-olotl Pickaxe
  • Lapis Trident Pickaxe
  • Angelfish Wrap
  • Axo & Bryne Bundle
  • Blue Crew Bundle
  • Professor Slurpo Outfit
  • Slurpentine Outfit
  • Drip Axe Pickaxe
  • Slurp! Wrap
  • Big Chuggus Bundle
  • Big Chuggus Outfit
  • Double Tap Pickaxe
  • Party Animal Pickaxe
  • Slurp Wrap

Get Far Out

Star Wars

  • Luke Skywalker Bundle
  • Han Solo & Leia Organa Bundle
  • Luke Skywalker Outfit
  • X-34 Landspeeder Glider
  • Slugthrower Rifle Pickaxe
  • Han Solo Outfit
  • Leia Organa Outfit
  • Lil' Speeder Bike Emote
  • Electrostaff Pickaxe
  • Vibro-staff Pickaxe

  • Unknown cosmetics [x16]

Daily Items

  • Unknown cosmetics [x6]

Special Offers & Bundles

  • Sapphire Hagiri Quest Pack
  • Intrepid Engines Pack
  • Full Clip Pack
  • Lava Legends Pack
  • Dark Reflections Pack
  • Summer Legends Pack
  • Magma Masters Pack

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