Leaked Item Shop - July 7th, 2022

Fortnite has added tomorrow's Item Shop sections to the server, giving us a preview of what will be available. Three Icon Series Sets will return in the next rotation, although it's unknown which ones. The KAWS cosmetics, Get Far Out Set and Sparkles_QT's Locker Bundle will all leave in the next rotation.

Here's a preview of the Item Shop for July 7th, 2022:


  • Cosmetics unknown

  • Cosmetics unknown

Daily Items

  • Cosmetics unknown

More Offers

Football Icons

Street Fighter

  • Chun-Li Outfit
  • Ryu Outfit
  • Sumo Torpedo Glider
  • Seven Star Flashing Flail Pickaxe
  • Signpost Pummeler Pickaxe
  • Ryu & Chun-Li Bundle
  • Ryu & Chun-Li Gear Bundle
  • Guile Outfit
  • Cammy Outfit
  • Guile's Knuckle Buster Pickaxe
  • Delta Red Bowie Blade Pickaxe
  • V-Trigger Vector Glider
  • Cammy & Guile Bundle
  • Cammy & Guile Gear Bundle
  • Blanka Outfit
  • Sakura Outfit
  • Tropical Hazard Kebab Pickaxe
  • Fighting Tournament Trophy Pickaxe
  • Kayari Buta Glider
  • Sakura & Blanka Bundle
  • Sakura & Blanka Gear Bundle


  • Gaara Outfit
  • Hinata Outfit
  • Itachi Uchiha Outfit
  • Orochimaru Outfit
  • Manda Glider
  • Striking Shadow Snakes Emote
  • Rasenshuriken Emote
  • Sword of Kusangi Pickaxe
  • Minato's Kunai Pickaxe
  • Gaara & Hinata Bundle
  • Itachi & Orochimaru Bundle
  • Nindo Gear Bundle
  • Naruto & Kakashi Bundle
  • Sasuke & Sakura Bundle
  • Shinobi Gear Bundle
  • Naruto Uzumaki Outfit
  • Kakashi Hatake Outfit
  • Sasuke Uchiha Outfit
  • Sakura Haruno Outfit
  • Kurama Glider
  • Summoning Jutsu Emote
  • Ramen Break Emote
  • Kunai Pickaxe
  • Hidan's Scythe Pickaxe
  • Black Ops Sword Pickaxe

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