Names and rarities of the upcoming cosmetics found in v6.0

Season 6 started today and brought a whole range of new skins with the Battle Pass. Along with these, a number of upcoming cosmetics were datamined from the game files and their names and rarities have finally been revealed. Here's a look at what should be released over the next few weeks:

Huge thanks to @FunGamesLeaks over on Twitter for providing the names and rarities along with the new icons!

Heidi outfit (Epic)
Ludwig outfit (Epic)
Airheart outfit (Rare)
Oktoberfeast glider (Rare)
Dirigible glider (Epic)
Axcordion pickaxe (Uncommon)
Turbine pickaxe (Rare)
Something Stinks emote (Rare)
Drop The Bass emote (Epic)
Smooth Moves emote (Epic)
Airflow back bling (Rare)
Clockworks back bling (Epic)
Pretzel Protector back bling (Epic)

SOURCE: Twitter