Power Levelling returns, All XP Supercharged for this weekend

To make up for lost time caused by the server outage that left Fortnite unplayable for over seven hours, Epic Games has activated 'Power Levelling Weekend'.

The small 2-day event gives all players a Supercharged XP bonus to level up faster whenever a match is played. All Supercharged XP that players collect over the weekend will be saved and remain useable once the event has concluded. Supercharged XP will be collectable until January 10th at 12PM (UTC), when the 'Power Levelling' session ends.

In-game news notification:
"Make up for lost time with a Supercharged XP bonus this weekend until January 10th at 7 AM ET. Supercharged XP will boost your normal XP while you play and help you level up faster!"

In other news, details of Chapter 3 Season 2 have been leaked. Click here to read.

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