'Second Drop' Chapter 2-Themed Outfits Leaked

A set of Chapter 2-themed cosmetics has been leaked following the release of v24.30 earlier today.

The set currently contains eleven items in the files, but this could change before it arrives in the Item Shop:

  • Agency Ace Outfit
  • Craggy Champion Outfit
  • Holly Hero Outfit
  • Sandy Scout Outfit
  • Slurp Soldier Outfit
  • Spire Spy Outfit
  • Convergence Captain Outfit
  • Frenzied Fighter Outfit
  • Misty Mercenary Outfit
  • Stealthy Surveyor Outfit
  • Season Signature II Back Bling
The male Second Drop Outfits

Like the original Squad Origins set, each Outfit includes a Style for all Chapter 2 Seasons - A New Chapter, Golden Touch, Splashy, Galactic, Hunted, Primal Instinct, Sky Fire and Fabio's Fit. The 'Signature Season II' Back Bling also features eight Styles for the Chapter 2 Seasons: Winter First, Top Secret, Loot Shark, Galactic Shard, Cracked Zero, Bawk Bawk, To The Mothership and Unicorn Flakes.

The original Squad Origins Outfits, featuring styles for Chapter 1 Seasons

The 'Second Drop' Outfits are expected to cost 1,200 V-Bucks each, with the Back Bling costing 400 V-Bucks. Two Bundles featuring all male and all female Outfits have also been leaked, and will most likely cost 2,800 V-Bucks each. As always, we'll keep you updated.

A closer look at four of the Signature Season II Back Bling's Styles

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