Star Wars' Fennec Shand and Krrsantan join Boba Fett in the Item Shop

Star Wars' Fennec Shand and Krrsantan have joined Boba Fett in the Fortnite Item Shop as wearable Outfits along with a new Glider, Emote and Bundle.

"Fennec Shand: They say if you go after her, you won't make it past sunrise. Equip this Outfit with the Mythosaur Signet Back Bling (included with the Outfit), a symbol of the Mandalorians. And speaking of the sunrise, glide from the sky with the Fennec’s Ship Glider."

"Sturdy and armored, the black-furred Wookiee Krrsantan was a gladiator before he became a bounty hunter. Now part of the Hutt Clan, display his affiliation by coupling his Outfit with the Hutt Clan Symbol Back Bling (included with the Outfit)."

The Fennec Shand Outfit, Fennec’s Ship Glider, This Is The Way Emote and Krrsantan Outfit are available to purchase individually or in the new Bounty Hunter Bundle for 2,200 V-Bucks.

The Boba Fett cosmetics have also returned to the Item Shop just 33 days after they were last available to purchase. The set contains the following items:

  • Boba Fett Outfit
  • Z-9 Jetpack Back Bling
  • Gaffi Stick Pickaxe
  • Boba Fett's Starship Glider
  • Targeting Computer Online Built-in Emote

The full Item Shop can be viewed here.

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