Fortnite Season X: An Extensive Look at Tilted Town

With the v10.00 Content Update that introduced the Automatic Sniper Rifle also came the first major Rift Zone in Season X of Fortnite - Neo Tilted has regressed into what it was many years in the past; a Wild West settlement. Welcome to Tilted Town.

Something unique about this Rift Zone is the fact that players are unable to harvest materials & build structures, making this an area where players will need to play more carefully & strategically. Another interesting thing about Tilted Town is the weapons that have been unvaulted and can only be found in this Rift Zone. These weapons include the Double Barrel Shotgun, the Six Shooter, the Hunting Rifle, and the Common variant of the Infantry Rifle.

That's enough chit-chat for now; here's an extensive look at Tilted Town, the latest POI in Fortnite.

Tilted Town

The Coffin Crafter

The Coffin Crafter can be found on the east side of Tilted Town, right next to Tilted Town's reboot van. This building contains a total of 3 floors & has 2 chest spawns.

The Trading Post

Located across from the Coffin Crafter is the Trading Post. This building contains a total of 2 floors and allows players to drop into the floor below to enter the Store. There's a total of 2 chest spawns in the Trading Post.

The Store

The Store can be found below the Trading Post.  The Store contains 2 chest spawns.

The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower can be found at the south side of Tilted Town, just to the west of the Store. The Clock Tower possesses a total of 2 chest spawns - one located at the highest point of the tower and the other located in the middle floor of the tower.

The Stable

The Stable's got the horses in the back... just kidding, there's no actual horses here. There is, however, 1 chest spawn. The Stable is located just across from the Store.

Grandma's House

Grandma's House - not the official name, but it fits - can be found behind the Stable. This building contains 2 chest spawns.

The Mines

Located at the southwest side of Tilted Town is the Mines. The building & mine shaft possess a total of 4 chest spawns.

The Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff's Office is located across the bridge from the Mines and contains 1 chest spawn.

The Bank

The Bank can be found across from the Sheriff's Office and possesses 1 chest spawn.

The Gunsmith

The Gunsmith can be found attached to the Bank, just across from the Hotel & Saloon. The Gunsmith is a small 2-story building, but contains a chest spawn on each floor.

The Hotel & Saloon

Found just across from the Gunsmith is the Hotel & Saloon. The Hotel & Saloon are combined into a single building, containing the Saloon on the bottom two floors and the Hotel on the top two floors. The Telegraph can also be found attached to the side of the building. The Hotel & Saloon possess a 3 chest spawns.

The Telegraph

Attached to the side of the Hotel & Saloon is the small addition of the Telegraph. The Telegraph contains 1 chest spawn.