Chapter 3 Dinosaurs: Everything we know so far

This article contains everything we know so far about the upcoming Chapter 3 Dinosaurs, which are set to be added to Fortnite soon.

The dinosaur, which is codenamed 'Butter Cake', is currently set to spawn alongside a new type of food - berries. As well as spawning with the dino, the new berries will also be sold by the Haven NPC for 25 Gold Bars. It's currently unknown what they will do to players once consumed.

The dino will also have four different variants, with one of them set to spawn in 100% of matches at a specific location. It has also been rumoured that the new creature will be the first rideable animal in fortnite, which is something that has been requested by the community since the introduction of Raptors in Season 6 of Chapter 2.

A blowhole has also been leaked for the new dinosaurs, which is expected to send players flying with their glider in a similar way to the whirlpools from Chapter 2 Season 3.

So far, we've only seen two versions of the upcoming animal through the Battle Pass trailer and Chapter 3 promotional art.

Image via @HYPEX

It has also been leaked that a new type of meat will be dropped when the dinosaurs are eliminated, granting 50 health once consumed.

Source: HYPEX

In other news, you can now purchase up to Level 200 in Chapter 3. Click here to read.

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