Epic Games Sued Over "It's Complicated" Fortnite Emote

Epic Games has been hit with a new lawsuit, this time over Fortnite's use of the "It's Complicated" Emote. Choreographer Kyle Hanagami claims he copyrighted the dance, which he says was used by Fortnite for a section of the Emote.

In a viral video from 2017, Hanagami can be seen performing a dance choreographed by himself to Charlie Puth's "How Long". Since being published, the video has gained over 35 million views on YouTube.

Hanagami’s complaint, which was filed today in federal court for the Central District of California, argues that Epic Games stole the "hook" section of his dance, using it as part of the "It's Complicated" Emote in Fortnite without consent.

Hanagami’s lawyers have created a video comparing the "hook" of the dance from both the original viral video and in Fortnite, highlighting the similarities between the two. The lawsuit requests a court order preventing Fortnite from using the “It’s Complicated” Emote, unspecified damages and legal fees.

Source: Polygon

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