Fortnite Competitive State of Development - Part 1

Epic has released a new blog post outlining the current state of development for the Fortnite competitive scene and plan to release a couple more soon enough.

The first post acknowledges that players need time to adapt to the ever-changing meta of the live game, and Epic wants to provide a time window before competitions, starting with the Australian Open. Here's everything you need to know:

"We’re kicking off a set of posts aimed at communicating our current competitive philosophy. You can expect three parts regarding recent learnings, overall Fortnite competition, and upcoming feature sets. Let’s dive in!

Last year was an invaluable learning experience for the entire Fortnite Competitive team. In the past six months, there have been 33 official online North American and European competitions and two major offline competitions. Those competitions tallied to approximately $20 million in prizes awarded to nearly 1,000 players. Each one of these competitions is helping to grow, evolve and shape the competitive Fortnite experience.


We value the ability of players to adapt to the game changing over time. We also believe these changes keep Fortnite fresh for everyone including players, competitors and spectators. However, we want to provide reasonable time for you to adjust strategies following large gameplay impacting changes, for example prior to official Fortnite competitions. This time window could range from a few days to a week of a release.

This begins with the upcoming Australian Open, which will use the core Battle Royale modes during the competition, and something we will continue to take into account throughout 2019. Fortnite will continue to update every week, however for major, official Fortnite competitions we may adjust for competitive needs.


SOURCE: Epic Games