Fortnite Creative Map Highlights - February Week 1

In the lead-up to the release of Fortnite's highly anticipated 'Creative 2.0', we will be highlighting some of the top featured Creative maps every week.

Fortnite Championship by AtlasCreative

Play through six mini games to make it to the championship! Each round you will earn points that can be redeemed before the final game!

Island Code: 8077-8210-5328

Trap House Deathrun by Smurff

Run, jump & slide your way through 6 houses full of traps! Each house holds a formula at the end. Collect all 6 within 30 minutes to save IceMan!

Island Code: 2983-9758-1911

Search and Destroy: Steam Town by Dummblond

6v6 classic Search and Destroy set in a dystopian fishing town.

Island Code: 9353-5166-0703

Farmer Games by fhsupport

8 unique mini-games. Earn gold & score to create an advantage! Rewards & punishments increase each round.

Island Code: 2865-4359-7020

64 Levels City Deathrun Easy by r15_lestremon

Easy & fun Deathrun with instant respawn for beginners and pro, have fun and enjoy!

Island Code: 0776-7155-4278

300 IQ Default Deathrun by Cross_McPenna

The Deathrun to test your IQ. Challenge your friends to see who is the smartest. Buy hints with gold you earn by playing. Progress saved!

Island Code: 8574-1681-1824

In other news, an upcoming Tank vehicle has been leaked. Click here to read more.

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