Fortnite x Resident Evil: Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield Outfits Leaked

Just one week after an inside source at Epic Games revealed that more Resident Evil cosmetics would be coming to Fortnite soon, leaks have emerged showcasing in-game images of the new Outfits.

Image credit: Hypex

Data miner Hypex shared an image of the new Outfits to Twitter, giving us our first look at Resident Evil's Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield in Fortnite. The leak uses Fortnite's lowest graphics settings, so the colour and quality of the characters may seem 'off'. So far, no images of the set's accessories have been leaked, but this could change with the v24.00 update being just hours away.

The existing Resident Evil cosmetics haven't been seen in the Item Shop for almost one year, but it's extremely likely that they will return once the new set is released. A release date for the leaked Outfits has not been shared, with the inside sources saying they'll be "coming to the Item Shop in Season 2".

As always, we'll keep you updated.

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