Leak: New Marvel Cosmetics Coming to Fortnite Tonight

Epic Games has added a new Marvel section to Fortnite's API, indicating that new cosmetics will be available in the Item Shop tonight.

The current Captain America Outfit

The "Captain America and the Brite Star" section is set to feature in the upcoming Item Shop rotation, but its contents remains a mystery. Some speculate that a Sam Wilson version of Captain America may be included, as well as an original Fortnite x Marvel crossover character. While 'Brite Star' is mentioned in the leaked shop tab, it's not an existing Marvel character. It's possible we could see Epic introduce a new mashup Outfit, similar to the Cuddlepool and Ravenpool skins.

The Cuddlepool and Ravenpool Outfits

The new cosmetics will be revealed with the next Item Shop refresh. We'll keep you updated.

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