Fortnite Accidentally Bans Competitive Players

The competitive Fortnite community was shocked earlier this week as a wave of in-game alerts hit players, notifying them of a 14-day ban for "teaming up with a competitor". When the alerts were sent out, some players were competing in this week's Solo Victory Cash Cup. The false bans resulted in affected players being disqualified from the active tournament.

Image: doryfnbr

Epic were quick to correct the alerts and reverted all competitive bans one hour later, saying, "Affected players should again be able to participate in competitive events. We apologize for any confusion". Impacted leaderboards were also restored, but players lost Arena practice time as this happened just hours before FNCS.

Unfortunately, the false ban wave isn't the first serious issue Fortnite has experienced since Chapter 4 launched. Over the past few months, parts of the game have had to be disabled on a weekly basis due to problems, and many players have reported frustrating issues with overall stability. These issues have had a particular impact on the competitive scene, with players struggling to practice effectively and compete without interruptions. With Fortnite's $4 million Global Championship tournament taking place later this year, players are hoping to see the game in a more stable state soon.

In other news, Fortnite has announced a new end date for Chapter 4 Season 1. Click here to read more.

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