Marvel Returns to the Fortnite Item Shop

Marvel has taken over the Fortnite Item Shop with six pages of returning cosmetics in today's rotation.

Available for a total of 20,700 V-Bucks across seven Bundles, the following Marvel cosmetics are currently available in the Item Shop:

  • Captain America Outfit
  • Grand Salute Emote
  • Captain America - Sam Wilson (MCU) Outfit
  • Britestar Outfit
  • Brave and Brite Wrap
  • Captain America and The Britestar Bundle
  • Nick Fury Outfit
  • Director's Scythe Pickaxe
  • First-Strike Infiltration Glider
  • Nick Fury Bundle
  • Gods of Thunder Pack
  • Iron man Zero Bundle
  • Hulk Bundle
  • Hulk Outfit
  • Demolisher Pickaxe
  • Hulk Smash! Emote
  • Hulk Smashers Pickaxe
  • Snap Emote
  • Thanos Outfit
  • Black Widow (Snow Suit) Outfit
  • Black Widow (Snow Suit) Bundle
  • Widow's Fangs Pickaxe
  • Widowmaker Glider
  • Hawkeye Bundle
  • Kate Bishop Outfit
  • Clint Barton Outfit
  • Aerial Archer Glider
  • Taut Slicer Pickaxe
  • Pickross Bow Pickaxe

To collect the sets, head to the Item Shop tab in Fortnite and scroll to the 'Marvel' section. The cosmetics are expected to remain available for a few days.

To view the full Item Shop for today, visit
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