Patch Notes for Creative v24.00 - AI Navigation Device, New Weapons and more

The Fortnite Creative v24.00 updates includes the new AI Navigation Modification device, new items from Battle Royale, UI and device updates, new Prefabs and Galleries, plus bug fixes.

AI Navigation Device

The AI Navigation Modification device creates a zone that can be used to block AI from navigating an area. Through this device, you can set volume parameters and shapes. You can also modify the navigation to either block or avoid areas.

New Device Names

To improve discoverability, the following devices have been renamed:

  • “Sequencer” to “Pulse Trigger”
  • “Attribute Trigger” to “Attribute Evaluator”

Battle Royale Items in Creative

From Battle Royale's Chapter 4 Season 2 comes the following features to incorporate in your islands:

  • Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle
  • Havoc Pump Shotgun
  • Kinetic Blade
  • Rogue Bike

UI Change

Event Browser Updates (for islands converted to the direct event binding system)

  • Improved teleporting to device.
  • UI visual updates.
  • Added filtering and text search functionality.

Creative AI Debugger / Debug Menu

  • Added a new debug menu for island owners to toggle the navmesh display and invincibility when testing their own islands, accessible in the My Island tabs.
  • The debug menu has the following options and will be expanded in the future:
    - Debug (Master switch of all debug options)
    - Navigation (Toggle navigation mesh display. Navigation mesh will only be generated when the island has at least a valid AI Spawner, like the Creature Spawner, Wildlife Spawner, or Guard Spawner)
    - Invincible (Toggle “Invincible” for players to ignore damage during the game)
  • New “Slow Motion on End of Round” My Island setting, which will enable or disable the slow motion effect when a round ends.

Other Updates

  • Slappy Shores Abandoned Factory
  • Slappy Shores Apartments
  • Slappy Shores Bridge
  • Slappy Shores Houses A
  • Slappy Shores Houses B
  • Slappy Shores Houses C
  • Slappy Shores Octo Inc.
  • Slappy Shores Slap Factory
  • Slappy Shores Slurp Room
  • Slappy Shores Water Plant
  • Slappy Shores Floor & Stair Gallery
  • Slappy Shores Wall & Roof Gallery
  • Slappy Shores Graffiti Wall Gallery
  • Slappy Shores Bridge Gallery
  • Slappy Shores Prop Gallery
  • Chapter 4 Nature Gallery Temperate
  • Chapter 4 Rock Gallery
  • Chapter 4 Cliff Gallery

Additional Slappy Shores Galleries will be made available in a later release.
Chapter 4 Nature Gallery was renamed to Chapter 4 Nature Gallery Autumn. The rocks were removed from this Gallery and added to the Chapter 4 Rock Gallery.

Device Updates

  • The Team Settings & Inventory upgraded device has been updated visually.

Consumables Updates

  • Slurp Juice is now Legendary! The Slurp Juice now heals six Health and Shield per second for 20 seconds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a small preview boundary issue with the Door Prop Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue with Cyber City Building Prop Gallery A and the Modern Interior Prop Gallery where individual assets had grayed-out icons.
  • Fixed leave piles from the Chapter 4 Nature Gallery being deleted when being copied using the phone tool.
  • Fixed being unable to place orange leaves with the phone tool from the Citadel Main Keep Prefab.
  • Fixed upgraded Guard Spawner devices spawning Trespasser guards instead of IO guards when set to Guard Type: IO.
  • Fixed upgraded Wildlife Spawner devices missing the Maximum Tamed Wildlife and Maximum Hired Guards options.
  • Fixed upgraded Visual Effect Powerup devices missing an Infinite Duration option.
  • Fixed upgraded Creature Spawner devices not allowing Total Spawn Limit options with values greater than 1 to function as expected.
  • Fixed upgraded Vending Machine devices requiring resources when the items have been set to No Cost.
  • Fixed an issue when using the Advanced Storm Controller and Advanced Storm Beacon devices where the final phase of Storms would close immediately when Wait Time was set to 0 seconds.
  • Fixed the “Allow Slide Kick” option being missing on upgraded islands’ My Island settings.
  • Fixed Snow and Medieval wildlife not dropping loot on elimination.
  • Fixed upgraded islands not being able to set Max Players above 50.
  • Fixed loot failing to spawn when using the Birthday Presents! consumable.
  • Fixed players being unable to flip the X-4 Stormwing when it is upside down.
  • Fixed hired guards not following expected actions in certain circumstances such as mimicking the player’s stance, crouching when they crouch, and entering vehicles that players enter.
  • Fixed a problem where some assets could appear with default textures based on certain graphical settings.
  • Fixed an issue in Battle Royale Islands where target bots were generating their own set of spawn points separate from players, which caused team groupings to be incorrect if a team had bots and players on it and the team was supposed to be grouped together.

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