Rare Outfit, Emote and Music Pack Return to the Item Shop After 1,239 Days

Three of Fortnite's rarest cosmetics have unexpectedly returned to the Item Shop after a total of 1,239 days, leaving players wondering what will return next.

The Guaco Outfit, Chicken Emote and Electro-fied! Music Pack have all returned to the Item Shop after an absence of over 200 days each:

  • Chicken Emote - Returned after 768 days
  • Electro-fied! Music Pack - Returned after 263 days
  • Guaco Outfit - Returned after 208 days
The Chicken Emote

The return of the cosmetics follows that of the Flux and Mind Blown Emotes, which both returned yesterday after 733 and 308 days.

The Flux Emote

The list of the rarest Item Shop Emotes is as follows:

  • Rambunctious (1,187 days)
  • Fresh (1,178 days)
  • Tidy (1,157 days)
  • Widow's Pirouette (1,012 days)
  • Breezy (981 days)
  • Kiss The Cup (929 days)
  • Fanciful (918 days)
  • Rawr (886 days)
  • Lavish (884)
  • Go Home! (852 days)

Video of the Rambunctious Emote:

The full Item Shop for today can be viewed here.

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