Rarest Fortnite Item Shop Emotes - March 2022

With Fortnite's Item Shop rotating everyday to display new items for players to buy, it's no surprise to see that sometimes cosmetics get forgotten and left in "the vault". We've listed the rarest Emotes from the Item Shop here, measured by days since they were last available.

The Fanciful Emote (last seen 942 days ago)
  1. Rambunctious - Last available 1,211 days ago
  2. Fresh - Last available 1,202 days ago
  3. Tidy - Last available 1,181 days ago
  4. Widow's Pirouette - Last available 1,036 days ago
  5. Breezy - Last available 1,005 days ago
  6. Kiss The Cup - Last available 953 days ago (limited-time exclusive)
  7. Fanciful - Last available 942 days ago
  8. Rawr - Last available 910 days ago
  9. Go Home! - Last available 876 days ago (limited-time exclusive)
  10. Welcome! - Last available 876 days ago (limited-time exclusive)

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In other news, Epic Games has stopped commerce with Russia. Read more here.

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