The new Tech Future Pack is now available

The new Tech Future Pack is now available in the Fortnite Item Shop for $17.99 USD.

Flipswitch your nano-decks and plug in -- the Tech Future Pack has arrived in Fortnite!

The Pack reimagines three classic Fortnite Battle Pass Outfits, giving them new matching Pickaxes and Back Blings too. All nine of the cosmetics included in the new 'Tech Future' Set are Epic rarity:

  • CRZ-8 Outfit
  • Lucky 8's Pickaxe
  • Tech Plate 8 Back Bling
  • Neuralynx Outfit
  • Neural-Scratch Claws Pickaxe
  • Neural-Scratch Claws Back Bling
  • P33LY Outfit
  • Nanatech Blade Pickaxe
  • Nanatech Blade Back Bling

The Pack can only be purchased through the in-game Item Shop.

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