Tornadoes and Lightning have returned to Fortnite in Season 3

With the launch of Chapter 3 Season 3, Fortnite has reintroduced a feature that has been missing from the game since March - Tornadoes and Lightning. The weather was originally introduced to Fortnite back in Season 1 of Chapter 3 and remained in-game until it was removed just one Season later. Like their first appearance in Fortnite, Tornadoes and Lightning will not spawn in competitive playlists.

Image credit: Hypex

Official Tornado description: "If you see a tornado start to form, that’s no signal to flee. Instead, run into it as a swirling escape strategy! You’ll spin round and round ‘til you choose to glide to safety — or if you stay spinning long enough — ‘til the twister spits you out. Don’t worry: you won’t take fall damage if you get hurled."

Official Lightning description: "If you see a dark cloud start to form, that’s not necessarily a signal to flee either. Sure, the lightning from it deals a small amount of damage (and sets the surrounding area on fire) but the power of its shock gives players a temporary speed boost."

It's unknown how long the chaotic weather will remain in Battle Royale for, but we'll keep you updated if Epic suddenly removes it without warning.

In other news, the new Vibrant Vibin' Emote is now available for free through Twitch Drops for a limited time. (click to read)

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