Unreleased FNCS Outfit spotted in YouTube Thumbnail

The unreleased 'FNCS 3:1 Champion' Outfit has been spotted in thumbnail of a new Fortnite Championship Series video on YouTube.

The Outfit was originally announced as a reward for the upcoming FNCS Community Cup on February 28, along with the Winner's Mark Back Bling:

"The top performing teams in each region will earn the FNCS 3:1 Champion Outfit and Winner’s Mark Back Bling. Please note that these prizes may take up to a week to be awarded after the conclusion of the competition. Additionally, the Prizes and Rewards section of the FNCS Community Cup, under the career tab, will list 'Unknown Items' as the FNCS Community Cup prize but rest assured that those do, in fact, refer to the FNCS 3:1 Champion Outfit and Winner’s Mark Back Bling."

Although the Outfit has yet to be added to the files, it appears to be a "reskin" of the existing Iris Outfit, which was sold as a Starter Pack during Chapter 2 Season 2.

We'll keep you updated if Epic adds the cosmetics in Fortnite's next update.

In other news, the Stoneheart Trials are now live; allowing players to earn a free Pickaxe, Wrap, Spray and Emoticon. Click here to read more.

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