v8.20 Map Changes - No Sweat Insurance, Durrr-Burger Completion and More

Alike the usual "hefty" patches (i.e. v8.00, v8.10, etc.) v8.20 introduced a couple different map changes to the Battle Royale map to give players a refreshing experience in a couple different POIs. If we managed to miss any of map changes in this update, let us know!

Tilted Towers

The building that has been destroyed & reconstructed a zillion times in the past has been completed, and now bares the name, "No Sweat Insurance". A memorial to the "lore" of the Battle Royale can be found on the bottom floor of the building, making reference to the meteor showers, the Rocket, the Cube and current volcano.

Retail Row

The Durrr-Burger in Retail Row has been fully constructed now, standing at a tall 2-stories high.

Snobby Shores

Another house in Snobby Shores has been taken over by the Vikings that accompany the mountain to the southwest of the POI.