Fortnite v19.10 Map Changes - The Return of Tilted Towers

The Fortnite v19.10 update has arrived with a number of new changes to the map. You can read our patch notes for v19.10 here.

Every map change has been provided by FNAssist.

Tilted Towers

Fortnite's most popular POI has finally returned after being destroyed by a volcano 990 days ago. The snow that once covered Tilted Towers has now melted, revealing the location which has been upgraded to match the rest of the Chapter 3 Island.

The Devoured

v19.10 introduces a new Landmark named 'The Devoured' to the Island. It's currently set up as an excavation site which is digging up the old Devourer Skeleton bones, which were originally left on the Island following the defeat of the monster during the Final Showdown event in Chapter 1 Season 9.

Haven's Outpost

The Haven character NPC can now be found in-game at a new outpost in the desert.

Updated I.O. Drills

The drills used by the Imagined Order to break through to the Chapter 3 Island can now be used in-game by players to 'scan the area' like the Flare Gun.

Winterfest Decorations Removed

All of the Winterfest decorations from around the Island have now been removed.

Crackshot's Cabin

Crackshot's Cabin, the iconic Christmas-themed landmark, has been boarded up until next Winterfest.

That's every known map change from v19.10. Follow FNAssist here.

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