Leak: Stranger Things Could Return to The Item Shop Soon

In the v23.20 patch earlier this week, Fortnite updated a number of old cosmetics in preparation for their return to the Item Shop soon. One of these updated items is the Stranger Things Wrap.

The Tendrils Wrap

The Tendrils Wrap, which is part of the Stranger Things Set, was last seen in the Item Shop 1,172 days ago and is currently one of the rarest Wraps in the game. Epic often updates old cosmetics before they return to make them work with the new Item Shop design, as was the case with the returning Cole Outfit and Mainframe Glider.

Even though the rest of the Stranger Things Set has not been updated, this does not mean they cannot return. Cosmetics that haven't been updated to support the new Item Shop just appear with a blank background when they're available, often seen with Emotes in the 'Daily Items' section. The fact that Epic has updated the Wrap means it's likely they're working on a re-release for the next season of Stranger Things.

As always, we'll keep you updated.

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