Fortnite Most Wanted: How to get the Solid Skull Back Bling

With the release of the "Most Wanted" update on Tuesday, Fortnite has launched a new set of Quests that give players the chance to unlock a free Back Bling.

To unlock the new 'Solid Skull' Back Bling, players are required to collect five Cold Blooded Medallions. These Medallions can be obtained by completing the limited-time Most Wanted challenges in-game. The "Intel & Recon" Quests are available now, with the rest coming in a few days. Players must complete seven of these Quests to earn one Cold Blooded Medallion, meaning 35 Quests must be completed to earn all five Medallions to unlock the Back Bling.

To get started, head to the Quests page in-game and select the Most Wanted tab. Here you will find a list of everything you need to complete before the Quests expire in just under two weeks. Be quick - the Back Bling and other free rewards from the Most Wanted event will never return!

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