Fortnite v20.40 Map Changes - The Collider

The final major update for Chapter 3, Season 2 arrived yesterday with a number of changes to the Fortnite Island. You can see all the new gameplay changes for Battle Royale here.

The following map changes have kindly been provided by FNAssist, check them out!

The Collider

The Collider is the latest technology from the Imagined Order to arrive on the Island. With it's current purpose and abilities unknown, the machine is set to be the main focus of the upcoming Live Event.

Impossible Rock

A sixth shipping container has been placed on top of the growing tower at the Impossible Rock Landmark.

No More Swimming

All rivers on the Northeast side of the map have dried up as a result of The Collider's position at Loot Lake.

The Rock Family

The Rock family can now be found at a small farm in the Southeast corner of the Island.

Secret Vault

A new secret vault has been added at the Command Cavern POI. The doors do not function, although the room can be access through vents.

That's every known map change from this week's patch. The v20.40 hotfix is expected to be released next week and will include more changes to the Island.

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In other news, Fortnite has teamed up with PlayStation for new Challenges and Free Rewards.

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