Patch Notes for Fortnite v24.10 - Spring Breakout, New Reality Augments and more

In Fortnite Battle Royale v24.10, parts of the Island are getting a makeover as things warm up. From cherry blossoms to spring chickens, dig into the details below of what’s new in Spring Breakout 2023! Take up your Egg Launchers while Spring Breakout is live ‘til April 11, 2023, at 12 AM ET.

New Chickens and Eggs

Two new types of chickens and three new kinds of eggs are on the Island for the duration of Spring Breakout. You may notice green and purple chickens clucking about, leaving special eggs around the Island. Interacting with these unusual eggs will temporarily give you a benefit:

  • Heal Eggs: These green eggs restore your Health and Shield slowly over time.
  • Hop Eggs: These blue eggs temporarily give you a low gravity effect, and also give you Health.
  • Golden Eggs: You can’t technically eat these eggs, but interacting with one grants you Bars! (Unlike Heal Eggs and Hop Eggs, Golden Eggs cannot be added to your inventory.)

Egg Launcher Returns

The Egg Launcher breaks out of the vault for Spring Breakout! Find Egg Launchers from the ground, Chests or for sale from certain Characters. You can also get one from the new Springtime Blowout Reality Augment!

New Reality Augments

v24.10 introduces four other Reality Augments. Augment yourself with:

Rail Warrior

Regenerate Health and partial Shield while on grind rails or ziplines, except while in the Storm.

Go For Broke

Grants a Charge Shotgun and Flint-Knock Pistol.

Aquatic Warrior

Move faster and regenerate Health and partial Shield while swimming, except while in the Storm.

Game Time

Grants the Pizza Party and some Chug Splashes!

Characters Spring into Action

Specialist Characters

Just in case you need a little help during battle, eight Specialist Characters have dropped on the Island and are ready for hire! There are four different types of Specialists, each one with a different role to play:

  • Scout Specialist: Scouts can pick off foes from afar with a Sniper, and can ping nearby enemies and Chests.
  • Heavy Specialist: With their explosive inventory, Heavies specializes in making things go BOOM! Heavies can also take more damage than other Specialists.
  • Supply Specialist: Supply Specialists drop ammo and mats for you to pick up (Note: Supply Specialists won’t drop mats in Zero Build.)
  • Medical Specialist: Hired Medics heal you with Chug Splashes to restore your Health and Shield.

Collections Tab Rehaul

The Collections tab is now called the "Characters" tab and now shows a map displaying the location of all Characters on the Island, both the ones you’ve discovered and the ones you haven’t. Once you discover a Character, you can view their services in the Characters tab along with how many Bars their services cost. Check out the Characters tab by opening the map in a match and navigating to the tab!

(During Spring Breakout, keep an eye out for Cluck on the Island, as he has some goodies waiting to sell you.)

Building and Edition Sensitivities

In v24.10, a Building Sensitivity setting and Editing Sensitivity setting have been added to Fortnite's "Mouse and Keyboard" settings. With these new settings, you're now able to adjust the sensitivity of building or editing structures to your preferred speed.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Improved the handling turn radius of the Rogue Bike vehicle at higher speeds.
  • Note: Changes have been made to reduce energy usage on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Frame rate in the Lobby will drop to 30 FPS after a period of inactivity, but will return to 60 FPS whenever you touch the controller or join a match.

Competitive Notes

  • The Spring Breakout chickens and eggs, as well as the Egg Launcher and Springtime Blowout Reality Augment, are not included in competitive playlists.
  • Zero Build Cups, Duos Cash Cups, and Victory Cups kick-off throughout this week. Good luck, competitors!

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue involving players being asked to install Save the World even if they already had it installed.
  • Fixed the issue with the Kinetic Blade's Knockback Slash that prevented the owner from taking fall damage. (Note: The Dash Attack will still prevent fall damage.)
  • Fixed an issue that was capping some mobile devices to 60 FPS despite 90 FPS being available.
  • The grind rail interaction button no longer has a delay on mobile devices.
  • Fixed the issue that caused us to disable ziplines in Party Royale. Ziplines have been re-enabled in Party Royale.

In other news, Fortnite has 70 million monthly active players in 2023. Click here to read more.

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