Fortnite v20.20 Map Changes - Condo Canyon Blimp Destroyed

The second major update of Chapter 3 Season 2 has arrived, bringing a number of changes to the Island. You can see what's new in Battle Royale here.

Condo Canyon Blimp

The IO Blimp from Condo Canyon has been destroyed by The Seven, who crashed the airship into the ocean.

The following map changes have been provided by FNAssist.

Condo Canyon

The Resistance has reclaimed Condo Canyon, updating the POI with military equipment and another Seven Titan Tank.

The Rock Family

The Rock family in the desert has been completely freed from the sand.

Impossible Rock

A new shipping container has been placed on top of the Impossible Rock Landmark near Rocky Reels.

Small Changes

Crashed Car

A third crashed car has been placed at the Coney Crossroads junction.

Outpost Raven

The Outpost Raven tower has been destroyed by The Seven and can now be seen smoking from across the Island.

Ice Cream Van

An Ice Cream Van has crashed nearly Sleepy Sound. The Peely NPC can also be found at the site, suggesting the character caused the crash.

That's every known map change from v20.20. Follow FNAssist here.

In other news, players can now earn free rewards through the new Lantern Trials.

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