Fortnite v24.20 Hotfix #2 - Submachine Gun Unvaulted, Lock On Pistol Added to Competitive

Fortnite has released the latest hotfix for v24.20, unvaulting the Submachine Gun and introducing the Lock On Pistol to the competitive loot pool.

Weapon Unvaulted

The Submachine Gun SMG has returned to Fortnite and can be found in Battle Royale, Zero Build and competitive playlists. Like the recent changes to the Scar Assault Rifle, the Submachine Gun now has the same model for all rarities. The weapon's stats remain the same.

Lock On Pistol in Competitive

After reviewing gameplay and feedback following last week's addition of the Lock On Pistol in Battle Royale and Zero Build, Fortnite has now introduced the weapon to all competitive playlists, including tournaments.

UEFN Bug Fixes

Fortnite's latest hotfix has also deployed a number of bug fixes for the Unreal Editor:

  • Fixed the “Commandlet Failed” error when building HLODs
  • Fixed an issue where projects would get stuck on “preparing” when there were a large number of modules present

Bigger changes are expected to be introduced with Fortnite's v24.30 patch next week. We'll keep you updated.

In other news, Epic Games has lost its appeal against Apple. Click here to read more.

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